About the Tutors

Melodee Skiles (née Mattson) was born and raised in Billings, Montana. She was homeschooled K-12, and her high school education was profoundly impacted by studying Great Books for four years with Fritz Hinrichs of Escondido Tutorial Service, and Rhetoric, Latin, and Logic from Wesley Callihan of Schola Classical Tutorials. These men fueled her love of learning and her desire to pursue a course of study in literature.

In 2005 Melodee graduated summa cum laude from Montana State University-Billings with a bachelor's degree in English and a minor in music. She was awarded a 2006 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation graduate scholarship, which enabled her to attend the University of Aberdeen in northeast Scotland. There she studied under experts in the fields of Victorian literature, Scottish literature, the works of Sir Walter Scott, and the novels of Jane Austen. She obtained her Master of Letters in English Literary Studies in November 2007, with a thesis on the early Scottish fiction of J.M. Barrie. As a result of her thesis, she was asked to write an introduction for the 2008 edition of Barrie's The Little Minister, published by Kennedy & Boyd.

After returning home from Scotland, Melodee established Captive Thought Tutorials in the fall of 2008, with the goal of equipping students to be lifelong readers. She is entering her ninth year of online classes. 

Melodee lives with her husband Jeremiah and daughter Lucy in the foothills of the Beartooth Mountains, just outside of Absarokee, MT. Her interests, besides literature, include knitting, singing, playing the violin and the piano, drama, and ice skating on her frozen pond. Melodee is an active member of her local church. 


 Captive Thought Tutorials is delighted to be adding Emily Skiles to the team as a tutor in 2016. Emily is a graduate of all of CTT’s high school classes and has gone on to study literature at the university level. This spring she is studying abroad at the University of Chester in England, and will be returning to Montana to graduate from Rocky Mountain College with a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Studies in May 2017. 

In 2016-17 Emily will teach Intro to Literature with Melodee’s curriculum and guidance. Her previous teaching experience includes teaching literature to elementary school students at a local homeschool co-op. She has also assisted Melodee in directing several drama camps and productions.

Besides school, working at a local coffee shop, and being actively involved in her church, Emily enjoys acting in small theatre productions (including Melodee's), singing, overanalyzing films, listening to music of all genres, and spending time with her friends and family.


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