British Lit Course Description

 Note: This class is not offered for the 2016/17 school year.

Queen Victoria

What does it cover?

Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901, the longest reign of a British monarch. This time period is called the Victorian Era in her honor, and it produced a diverse body of literature written by some of the most important authors in British Literature, from the irrepressible Dickens to the passionate Charlotte Brontë to the hilarious Oscar Wilde. 

This year-long online course will cover a variety of works from Victorian authors, including some poetry and drama, but focusing primarily on novels. Students will become familiar with great works of English literature, come to appreciate different styles and methods, gain an understanding of literary criticism, and learn how the gospel applies to literature. This homeschool course is designed to provide solid high school-appropriate preparation for college-level literature classes. There will be a significant amount of reading involved, but we will spend approximately three weeks on each novel, depending on its length, so the reading will be broken up into manageable sections.

Who is it for? 

Due to the amount of reading and the nature of class discussion and assignments, this course is recommended for homeschool students sophomore level and above - minimum age 15. (Please see my recommended scope and sequence.) All students will be expected to participate in class discussions. Evaluation will be based on their participation as well as other assignments including 5 short response essays, quizzes, exams, and one formal term paper at the end of each semester. 

How does it work? 

Class meets for two hours per week. Along with the reading assignments, students are provided with discussion questions to help prepare for class, and take frequent quizzes to encourage careful reading. There is one exam per semester. Writing assignments are returned with teacher feedback. Students and parents can check their progress and grades online throughout the semester. 

Class Time: TBD

The total cost for this 33-week course is $600. 

"The class was perfect for my daughter! Although she already had a passion for literature, the class allowed her an outlet for that love as well as deepened her knowledge and understanding of good literature. I feel her skills were sharpened in the areas of composition, poetry, and rhetoric. I was particularly impressed with the profound thought that went into Mrs. Skiles's critique of her compositions. Mrs. Skiles's enthusiasm for literature definitely made an impression on my daughter and took her to new levels. I am very thankful for her instruction."

- Diane, parent of British Lit student. >> See more testimonals

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Required Texts

The following links are to the editions that Mrs. Skiles will be using in class. It is best if you can buy the same edition whenever possible, but you can use others if you already own some of these books. (Those marked with an asterisk are exceptions: in those cases the linked edition is required.)