Jane Austen Course Description

 Note: This class is not offered in 2016

  What does it cover?

Jane Austen is one of the most famous and beloved authors in the English language, and is admired by scholars and general readers alike. The last 15 years have seen an upsurge in interest in her work, with frequent new film adaptations and dozens of Austen spinoffs on bookstore shelves. Why is Austen so popular?  This class will uncover why as we examine how Austen uses ordinary materials--a few families in a country village--to explore perennial themes such as the nature of family, community, morality, self-knowledge, and more. 

Note: While many consider Austen books as simply "romance literature," my goal is to show how much more they involve. While all of Jane Austen's novels trace the progress of a relationship unto marriage, the author is much more interested in individual integrity, community relationships, and moral maturity than she is in romance. This class will of course discuss the male/female relationships in the novels, but will also explore many other themes. 

This one-semester elective course (15 weeks) will study all six of Austen's novels, as well as her juvenilia (teenage writing). We will also gain familiarity with Austen's predecessors, her life story, and the time period in which she wrote. Students will come away with a greater appreciation for literature in general and Austen's work in particular.

Who is it for?

This high school-level  course is reading-intensive, spending just two weeks on each novel. Due to the amount of reading and the nature of class discussion and assignments, this course is recommended for students in the upper grades (age 15 minimum) who are strong readers. (Please see my recommended scope and sequence.)  All students will be expected to participate in class discussions. Evaluation  will be based on their participation as well as other assignments including brief written responses, class presentations, and one formal paper at the end of the semester. (Please note that CTT elective classes have less emphasis on formal writing than the core year-long courses.)

How does it work? 

Class meets for two hours per week. Along with the reading assignments, students are provided with discussion questions to help prepare for class. The term paper is returned with teacher feedback. Students and parents can check their progress and grades online throughout the semester (grades are updated monthly). 

 Class Time: Thursday, 10am-12pm Mountain Time. (9-11 Pacific, 11-1 Central, 12-2 Eastern.). Begins September 3rd.

The total cost for this 15-week course is $300

I loved the Jane Austen class! When most people think Jane Austen, they think romance, but that’s not what Jane Austen is all about! This class shows that Jane Austen wrote for so much more! She gives warning of bad character and wrong behavior, and champions worthy character and right behavior, and it all still applies today! This class is amazing! Words can’t properly express how amazing! As Mr. Knightly would say, “If I loved it less, I might be able to talk about it more.”

- Amy, Jane Austen student. >> See more testimonials

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Required Texts

The following books are required for this class, but you may use different editions from those that are linked, if you have them.