What Students & Parents Say about CTT Classes


Mrs. Skiles maintains a great momentum in her tutorials.  Four of my children have enjoyed a variety of her classes and we have always been very excited about the literature chosen and the required projects.  A homeschool mom with a few years behind me, I feel that Mrs. Skiles is superior to most tutors available online, as her combination of insight, humor, and intelligence makes for an unbeatable intellectual experience!

- Georgia, parent of several CTT students


Mrs. Skiles' classes don't feel like work- they're too much fun! I've learned so much from this class, and those two hours of discussing, learning, and laughing are my favorite part of the week!

- Alba, Intro to Lit student


My son and I LOVE Mrs. Skiles's American Literature Class!  Everything is so well planned out that he knows exactly what is expected of him.  The Literature selections are interesting and thought provoking.  Mrs. Skiles requires vocal participation in the class.  That takes the class from being a "spectator sport" to a very rich learning environment.  The discussions cause the class to interact in a real and meaningful way.  He has also formed friendships in the class and he looks forward to Lit each week.  

I have seen his writing improve tremendously.  Mrs. Skiles provides not only a detailed grading sheet of participation scores, but also a very detailed  grading sheet of each writing assignment.  After each paper, my son knows EXACTLY what he needs to improve on and develop. 

We feel blessed to have found such a qualified teacher who clearly loves her job!

- Jan from Texas


Every home-schooling missionary mom dreams and prays for a teacher like Melodee! Her enthusiasm, pleasant demeanor, competency and deep commitment to combine literature and faith are sure factors to leave any student transformed.

- Chelsea, mother of C.S. Lewis student


This class exceeded both mine and my daughter's expectations. Limited class size which allowed for full participation in discussions, high expectations with strong support and encouragement, thoughtful grading, expertise, enthusiasm, and creativity - these are all contributing factors that make Melodee's classes worth every penny! Also, because of the pace(challenging, but doable), and the hard deadlines, my daughter really learned time management this year. She is already signed up for next year.

- Diane, parent of a British Lit student 



Mrs. Skiles' love for Truth, literature, and life cannot help but seep into my daughters during their online classes. Her questions and comments broaden their understanding and help to focus the lens through which they see their Creator and all of His creation. Mrs. Skiles understands that allowing time for her students to contemplate questions without throwing out a pat answer for them to swallow is a necessary element in their developing ability to read, understand, and discuss a story. I highly recommend CTT!

- Lisa, parent of students in C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen, and British Lit


Mrs. Skiles' teaching is an inspiration--her quest for finding beauty and truth within every masterpiece we read is addicting. I always look forward to class days and discussing important issues (like the Industrial Revolution) and laughing over jokes (like our collection of beards from famous Victorian authors). If you're thinking of taking a course with Captive Thought Tutorials, do it. You won't regret it.

- Julie, student in British Lit, Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis. 


Thanks for making your class so much fun.  I frequently hear my daughter laughing aloud.  Thursday is definitely her favorite day of the week!

- Caroline, parent of a British Lit student


I just wanted let you know how much my son has been enjoying your class and what a great job I think you are doing.  We are struggling with getting feedback at all with another on-line class he is doing which is really making me appreciate your lit class even more. 

- Krista, parent of an Intro to Lit student


British Literature class is the highlight of my daughter's academic week – I wanted you to know that. Thanks so much for offering this class. I would not have been able to teach her American Literature or British Literature by myself. Having your expertise, as well as the other students to discuss the novels and poetry with has been very important to my daughter. I’m sure that without your class, she would not have scored a 5 on the AP English Literature exam. 

- Susan, parent of American and British Lit student


I loved the Jane Austen class! When most people think Jane Austen, they think romance, but that’s not what Jane Austen is all about! This class shows that Jane Austen wrote for so much more! She gives warning of bad character and wrong behavior, and champions worthy character and right behavior, and it all still applies today! This class is amazing! Words can’t properly express how amazing! As Mr. Knightley would say, “If I loved it less, I might be able to talk about it more."

- Amy, Jane Austen student


I am SOOO glad my mom signed me up for British Literature with Mrs. Skiles. It is the coolest class ever! I (literally) jumped out of bed this morning and ran downstairs as soon as I realized today was literature day. Mrs. Skiles’s discussions are amazing. She really makes me excited about what I am reading, and adds amazing new meaning to the books that is unapparent to the first-time reader. (Not to mention that the jokes we come up with are priceless) I am so excited about today’s discussion!
- Lynne, British Lit student


Every year I look for classes which will motivate, challenge, and teach my son subjects I do not feel strong about teaching myself. I am so lucky I found you last year, as your enthusiasm, passion, professionalism is making the Introduction to Literature class very enjoyable for my son. Every week he looks forward to class and prepares himself for it without prompting from me. You are able to stretch him to reach his potential, yet he enjoys the writing assignments and class discussions and learns so much from you. You are always prompt in your responses to assignments and questions, and you challenge and guide him to become better reader and writer.  

- Katarzyna, parent of an Intro to Lit student


The Jane Austen Class I took with Mrs. Skiles had to be the best class I've taken. Ever. I love Jane Austen's stories, but being able to read them and look closely at the style and art with which she wrote them was so amazing, not to mention really fun. In this class, my enthusiastic classmates and I got to explore the themes and ideas Jane Austen presents. I'd never before realized that Jane Austen was so wise, or so hilarious! This class was such a blast, I learned so much about Austen, about the time in which she lived, and about some really deep things like sacrificial love or the poison pride. If you are thinking about taking this class, stop thinking and sign up!

- Natalie, Jane Austen student


I want to thank you again for your Intro to Literature class. Alba is enjoying every minute of it. She says you are a wonderful teacher; you're such a source of inspiration for her.

- Florence, parent of an Intro to Lit student


This class was incredible. The books were amazing, the teacher [... gave a] perfect balance of lecture and guidance while allowing us students the freedom to explore, within reason, our own ideas about the book and its meanings. I learned so much from this class that will move with me throughout my life. Not to mention all the new friends I've made!

- Megan, British Lit student


What I love about Mrs. Skiles's class is the way that she ties spirituality in with great literature, teaching her students to look at both the faults and triumphs of novel characters to reflect, influence, and compare their own hearts to the characters', and also to learn from their mistakes. The online discussions with the other students is great, and the lectures and teachings always intriguing. Even while only at the second semester point, it feels like many of my classmates are my friends, and not just a group of students that I learn with. We laugh and bond while learning about some of the greatest novels... There is simply nothing like it! This has been my favorite class all year and I hope to take another class from Mrs. Skiles again!

- Shelby, British Lit student


The class was perfect for my daughter! Although she already had a passion for literature, the class allowed her an outlet for that love as well as deepened her knowledge and understanding of good literature. I feel her skills were sharpened in the areas of composition, poetry, and rhetoric. I was particularly impressed with the profound thought that went into Mrs. Skiles's critique of her compositions. Mrs. Skiles's enthusiasm for literature definitely made an impression on my daughter and took her to new levels. I am very thankful for her instruction."

- Diane, parent of British Lit student


Ok, you rock, Mrs. Skiles! I officially am sending all my kids to you for instruction!  Your feedback is exactly what my son needed and addressed the areas to improve....We are so excited to have you running the class and taking over this aspect of instruction. Mucho appreciate your hard work and caring about the kids.

- Michele, parent of American Lit student


My husband and I want to thank you for the thorough job that you did grading our son's paper. We can tell you spent much time and thought, and we want you to know that we greatly appreciate it. You are a very dedicated teacher, and we are blessed to have our son be a part of your class. Literature and writing are not his first love; however he tells me how much he is enjoying the class and your teaching. He says how he is really learning in this class. Thank you!


- Martha, parent of British Lit student